School Activities


Classwise and Inter House debates will be held. Pupils are trained in extempore speeches, elocutions and recitations in classes. These are held in all languages taught (English, Hindi and malayalam).

Educational Visit

All classes will be taken out for excursion to places of historical, geographical and scientific interest. The pupils will have to spend for themselves for long trips.

Clubs or Associations

The following clubs function under the guidance of expert teachers to help students develop their talents and creative skills.

1. Music Club
2. Drawing & Painting Club
3. Craft Club (Girls)
4. Craft Club ( Boys)
5. Science Club
6. News Reports Club
7. Gardening Club
8. Dramatic Society
9. Literary & Debating Club
10. Mathematics Club
11. Spoken English Club
12. Social Science Club
13. Energy Conservation Club
14. Health Club
15. Public Speaking Club
16. WWF
17. Reading Club
18. Rotary Interactive Club
19. Debate Club

Creative Activities

Each house , in turn presents a creative programme before whole school. Students will get opportunities to develop their histrionic and other artistic talents.

Sports and Games



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